Voice Training For Actors

Stevie Lynn Jones, Star of NBC's CRISIS

Thank you oh so much for the Swiss Army Knife you gave me when i left to shoot my new NBC-TV series, “CRISIS.”  Oh and thanks for the voice training too!

Love, Stevie Lynn Jones

Red Carpet Ready.

Actors rely on their voice to deliver character nuances. An on camera actor uses the voice  differently from a stage actor. Camera voice is understated, yet intensely emotion packed. On camera voice requires an invisible mastery of diction, phrasing, rhythm, and modulation. Some actors perform multiple dialects and accents during their career.  Singing and spoken word exercises combine the best of two disciplines. Marta’s voice workouts combine diction, tone, power and control exercises. The result is a relaxed but focused voice that nails the role and sweeps the awards.

Fix or keep the flaws?

If you are struggling with a lisp or a thick accent, Marta’s voice drills complement your dialect coach and will get you in character quickly.

Are you prepared for anything?

Lets handle it now.