Get Amazing Vocals With a Badass on Board.

Brian McKnight in Studio

Bring Marta in the  Studio.

Getting an awesome recording experience starts with a uniquely driven artist with great songs.  But locking that to “tape” is a process of building stacked vocals usually out of sequence.  Raps, hooks, stacked harmonies, lead melodies and ad-libs all go in the soup but in a technical way that can sometimes disorient left-brained creatives.  Get a Vocal Genius on your team who understands the artistic and technical elements so  you can focus on production.  Bring on Marta Woodhull as your  interface to the artist.

Or send the artist to us.

Studio recording is as much a science as it is an art. Marta is an expert in digital audio recording, vocal editing, tuning or re-mixing. Track your vocals  on Vintage Neumann microphones, or send us the raw files and she will tweak them into an insane masterpiece.   Your edited final vocals are exported for Pro Tools, Logic, or DP compatibility.  When we take it to the final product, we use Capitol Record in Hollywood as our Mastering Lab. Just so you know how bad she kicks ass. (Brian McKnight,  left.)